26.09.14 - top 30 favourite billie piper pics - {26/30}

26.09.14 - top 30 favourite billie piper pics - {26/30}


i love u guys so much it’s not even funny thank u for making my tumbler experience this fucking nice okay. ilu. in the gay way

here are my fave eggs and they are really great okay.. follow them

meme gang: glorfyndel gyroskop swatlock slashyking mercsmuffler coffeesexuality 

like shout out to glorfy for being a memelord 

and slashy. u have followed me for like 3 years. that’s insane. those were some dark times

you guys are all so great ohhhh my god i just can’t say great stuff about everyone the list would be 2 long 

but yes okay this list is only mutuals but i’m pretty sure i’m forgetting someone so sorry in advance!! i really appreciate all of you, and really don’t know why you are still here even though all i do is shitpost. but i love you okay

the ones i have talked to maybe bit more are bolded and some of you are so fucking quality and i’m just ????


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you are all really really great okay

oh wow thank you so much, hun! getting pretty emotional right now. and no, you don’t do just shitposts. you should check some of mine tho. I should be the one wondering how I even got this mention lol 

"My spirit animal is now this."

Dane DeHaan attends Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week

Dane DeHaan attends Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week


current emotion: 20% battery


Thomas Brodie Sangster - a summary

Keeper of the Runners

"I promise on my life I’ll get you back to that room of yours. Make your mom quit crying.”

I’ve been watching you. You’re a friend of the boy. You’re not like the rest of these crooks.



Game of Thrones  +  Braids

I told you there was a war coming. There will be so many deaths.


             The Riddler / Catwoman / The Penguin